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Tile and grout cleaning    

Tile, grout cleaning and sealing    

Tile, grout cleaning and grout re color   

   Re grout   

Shower restoration   
Marble polishing   

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TiGro Restoration
Tile - Grout - Marble
       Spring cleaning

Antique floors restoration
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Why tile and grout cleaning ?  
To remove  built- up of grime, soiled, mouldy stains on the grout and tiled areas in the bathroom and living rooms. 
Why tile, grout cleaning and sealing?
Tile,grout cleaning and sealing services protect the area from future wear and making cleaning easier.
Why Re grout?
Tile regrouting is a process used to completely transform the look of any old tiled area. Our customers canít believe the transformation of their shower or bathroom when weíve finished.
Why  grout re color ?
It brings all grout back to a consistent colour .
Recolouring old floor grout will give you better and faster results than regrouting.
Improves hygiene as the grout will no longer be porous.

Why shower restoration?
showers are the worst for grout and silicone seals becoming mouldy, dirty and beyond cleaning. The average life of grout in a shower is generally around 7 to 10 years. Once it gets beyond that, the grout becomes quite porous, chalky and begins to get a lot harder to keep looking clean and gathers mould quite easily.
Why Marble polishing?
There is no  point having beautiful marble or stone surfaces if they donít look great.  The most common maintenance required for stone is to have the surface polished.