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Tile and grout cleaning    

Tile, grout cleaning and sealing    

Tile, grout cleaning and grout re color   

   Re grout   

Shower restoration   
Marble polishing   

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TiGro Restoration
Tile - Grout - Marble
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Antique floors restoration
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Cleaning of tile that had bad sealer instaled by previous owner

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Mark in Mississauga
Removed sealer that was installed by previous owner. The tile was looking so bad I thought I had to replace it. Ramiro cleaned the tile and fixed the grout installed new sealer on the grout. The tile looks brand NEW!!!! Great work, would recommend to anyone!!!
Toronto Location May 05, 2012
Cleaning and regrouting bathroom tiles

NR in Toronto
Ramiro made our 15-year-old bathroom look like new! Not only did he clean and regrout the tiles, he also removed the mould and resiliconed the seal around the sink. Thanks to Ramiro, we don't have to replace our window - he got rid of the mould around the frame. He also repaired the nicks in the bathtub without being asked and at no extra cost. We couldn't be happier with the thorough, meticulous, and friendly service that Ramiro provided.
Toronto Location Mar 30, 2012

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Tile cleaning, sealing and regrouting. 

K. Patel in North york
Had my basement floor tiles cleaned and sealed and also had the kitchen backsplash regrouted. Ramiro did an excellent job. He was very patient and took his time to complete the job. No hurry or short cuts taken. If I had any questions he willing took the time to explain what he was doing and why. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good and thorough job to be done. Many thanks Ramiro.
Toronto Location Mar 28, 2012 


Tub grout, bathroom and kitchen floors

Meris Bray in Toronto
Ramino is an absolute gem. Not only did I honestly not recognize my bath tub, but he also worked wonders on an inexplicably disgusting kitchen floor. Its grout needed to be restained and now it looks practically new!
Toronto Location Feb 13, 2012


Re-grouting and cleaning two showers and a marble floor

Carol Jones in Toronto
Ramiro came on time, was extremely professional and nice and did a wonderful job! He explained the job well and the result was just as he said it would be. I would not hesitate to recommend his service.
Toronto Location Feb 12, 2012 

Main Floor Grout and Ceramic Cleaning & Sealing

Brad in Brampton
Ramiro was able to make our 12 year old, well travelled, ceramics look like new again. He took great pride in his work and final result. It has been a few days, we have not moved things back, choosing to admire the job a little longer. The entire transaction was hassle free, He came when he said. The only surprise was how good the tiles looked. He also gave us some tips to our newly renovated kitchen that could save a lot of trouble.
Toronto Location Feb 09, 2012


2 bathroom showers re-grouted

N & G in Scarborough
Ramiro did a fantastic job on our master bathroom shower, which had quite a bit of mold, and was generally looking really bad. Ramiro spent the whole day at my house, cleaning and restoring. The end result was beautiful. Both showers now look like new! Ramiro suggested I install a better bathroom fan, and a light in the shower, which will help to prevent mold and bacteria in the future. Thank you Ramiro for a such a professional job.
Toronto Location Jan 01, 2012

Shower re-grout and ceramic floor cleaning

R. A.
I could not believe my eyes!!!! Tiles and grout look like new now. It took Ramiro only one day and the job was done. Such a nice and clean job that I didn't need to clean-up anything after he left. I was sure that I have to renovate my entire shower and already was getting some quotes when I saw the Tigro Restoration add and wanted to try their services because renovation could cost me a fortune. I am so happy that my bathroom is new again.
Toronto Location Nov 18, 2011

Re-Grout of Tiles in Shower & Marble Walls/Flooring Cleaned & Polished

Anthony in Etobicoke
Fantastic results achieved after having Ramiro from Tigro Tile & Grout Restoration Inc come out to my condo and provide an absolute 1st class service. His manner, time and effort was brilliant and the final product of having my marble floors in the hallway, kitchen and bathrooms along with the shower enclosure done, looks and feels brand new again. I would without doubt recommend Ramiro to anyone who has any sort of shower tile/marble cleaning requirements. This was my first marble/tile cleaning experience and i've been impressed immensely. Thank you Ramiro
Toronto Location Nov 14, 2011

bathroom tile re grouting

Bernice in Mississauga
Thank you very much for restoring our bathroom to it's original glory! Our bathroom tiles were in such bad shape before you came and in just a few hours you completely cleaned and re-grouted them beautifully. You were professional, efficient, hard-working and kind. If only every contractor was like you! We will recommend you to everyone we know. Thank you again! B.B. - Mississauga
Toronto Location Nov 09, 2011