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Tile and grout cleaning    

Tile, grout cleaning and sealing    

Tile, grout cleaning and grout re color   

   Re grout   

Shower restoration   
Marble polishing   

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TiGro Restoration
Tile - Grout - Marble
       Spring cleaning

Antique floors restoration
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When a house is for sale, first impressions are important. Most home buyers will make up their mind about a home within minutes they walk in to view it. Floors are the first thing that buyers notice when they enter the house, but how are your floors? Dirty tile and grout? Cracked tiles or chipped floors? Bathrooms and kitchens are huge selling points and there is nothing worse than seeing someone else’s grime in your future bathroom. Clean, spotless grout between your tiles will make your house sparkle, and refresh the overall look of your house!
Spring cleaning
Spring warmth comes with a huge mess outdoor accumulated during the cold season. That's why there's some house chores services called spring cleaning. It's related with any kind of heavy duty cleaning.
Antique Floors Restoration
From raw material to finished product, all work is done by hand and requires painstaking work to revive and restore the original floor. This is what differentiates your floor from any other, and ensures your floor is as individual as you are.

The final process is the quality of our installations. The installation and finish can only be described as the work of artisans. The result – a work of art you can walk on, that lasts for centuries.